The Russia-Ukraine war has turned millions of lives upside down in that region. The war continues to ravage many more lives causing irreparable damage to civilian life of all ages and infrastructure. It is predicted that up to 6 million Ukrainians may end up being displaced by the crisis. The neighboring eastern European countries are taking in these refugees to provide a safer and more secure environment.

Hundreds of charity organizations are working not only in the war -avaged areas, but, also in neighboring countries to help support basic necessities of life – food, water, warm clothing, shelter, medicine, and more. Also, mass displacement of people is expected to lead to a host of medical and socio-emotional challenges down the road.

As part of our humanitarian relief efforts, SRLC is springing into action to bring a small measure of relief, compassion and empathy to these victims. SRLC is partnering with Direct Relief  ( to better execute such efforts. Direct Relief is providing much needed support and medical aid and seeking all the help it can get from its partners to continue this effort in the foreseeable future.

Your donations will help strengthen and support this cause. We can watch the media and discuss the political triggers and downfalls of war, or we can step up and bring hope to the lives of the citizens there.

Please donate generously. We truly appreciate your support.