To express Love and Care by helping underserved communities ease their pain by providing support for their physical and emotional requirements.

Holistic Approach

Through a combination of local and international initiatives, SR Love and Care is focused on improving the lives of the underserved.  Love and Care provides a holistic support structure which provides food, clothing, and other community support to the local community to help the members of our community in need.
Humanitarian Care 360 Degree Programme


lives benefitted from

humanitarian activities in 2016.



people benefitted from clothes and food distribution drives.

Our Programs

With the aim of touching as many lives as possible with acts of love and care, drives are planned periodically for the entire country and executed in local communities through various centers across the country. Volunteers at each center, working with other local grassroots organizations, run these drives.


SR Love and Care Food drive

SR Love and Care Food drive Serving hot meals, packed meals, or providing canned food items to the needy at homeless centers, or through school programs.

SR Love and Care Clothing drive

SR Love and Care Clothing drive Collecting new or lightly used clothing, toys, or other items of essential need, driven by the requirements at the local organizations we are working with.

SR Love and Care Community drive

SR Love and Care Community drive To express love and gratitude to those who selflessly serve and protect our community like Police, Fire Stations, Teachers and Support Staff, and to those who are in need of hope and comfort such as Children’s hospitals and their families, Hospice Care centers, and Child Protective Services.

Shrimad Rajchandra Hospice Help

Shrimad Rajchandra Hospice Help Supporting homes for the terminally ill

Shrimad Rajchandra Differently Abled Program

Shrimad Rajchandra Differently Abled Program Supporting homes for the physically challenged


“What a significant impact your generous donation will make to the guest who come in search of clothing! It will help them feel renewed and cared for. Your efforts were a true show of your abundant kindness.”

- Dorian Stern

Director of Development - The Interfaith Nutrition Network


A touch of love and care for local communities

In 25 centers around the USA, SR Love and Care has supported their local communities by providing food, clothing, and community support at each location. By serving over 5,000 meals, providing 1,000 bags of clothing, and handing out over 3,000 letters of appreciation, the volunteers support their respective communities and build a strong sense of social awareness so they can be better global citizens.