Jyoti is joyful about surviving meningitis

| Hospital

Jyoti, a 7 year old child from Gundiya village in Dharampur taluka, was admitted to SRH with complaint of fever, vomiting and refusal of food and drink. On examination, it was found that she was also not responding to verbal commands. Brain infection (meningitis) was suspected which was subsequently confirmed by an examination of the clear liquid that fills and protects cavities in the brain and spinal cord. Blood investigation showed low platelets, so bleeding into the brain was also suspected. She was put on I.V. drugs for 2 days, but there was no improvement in her condition. She was then started on more powerful antibiotics, intravenously and orally.  Little Jyoti started responding slowly but surely and recovered fully in 7 days. After 10 days of hospitalisation under intense care, she was discharged.

A subsequent visit to her village showed Jyoti to be fully recovered, eating normally and starting to play again, thanks to timely intervention by SRH and its team.