Volunteers from #Phoenix donated hundreds of essential items to @andrehouseaz via their online gift registry & prepared 220 breakfast bags for the homeless. Volunteers from Phoenix show us that even in troubled times, there is always a way to help...
On Valentine’s Day, SRLC #volunteers showed their love for local firefighters with gift baskets, goody bags, and cards. Thank you @EveshamFire, @SDFD, and Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company District 3 for your continued service and the wisdom you imparted on...
Amidst this COVID-19 crisis, SRLC-USA urges you to stay positive by focusing on yourself, your loved ones, and the little joys every day! ☀️
We will be releasing information in a later post as to how you can help those...
In a time of crisis, volunteers from our #Phoenix Center partnered with @projectcure, the world’s largest distributor of donated medical relief, sorted boxes of life-saving supplies to be sent to clinics in need. https://t.co/041YwgcZrV
Happy #InternationalWomenDay2020!
🌟 Today, let us commit to creating a world where our daughters are treated the same as our sons.
🌟 To help underprivileged, rural women in India become self-sufficient, please consider donating to SRLC - Woman Care. https://t.co/Dd7etrQVHx
Volunteers of all ages opened their hearts to the homeless in #​Houston​. With their support, total of 152 snack packs, 152 survival kits, and 50 pairs of men’s winter clothing were donated to a homeless shelter! These donations will surely...
This #ValentinesDay, volunteers from our #SanFrancisco Center spread love, not only to those closest to them but also to their entire community by packing 108 meals that were distributed to @HomeFirstSCC. https://t.co/80GzDIOPit
👉🏼Lastly, the volunteers of #Indianapolis made local news for their donation of 120 blankets to @MaryRigg! https://t.co/PFQIAwhdz7
👉🏼The Jain community of #Chicago and its local Raj Parivar teamed up to collect 378 pieces of clothing and 55 toys, proving how much of an impact we can have when we work together. These articles were donated to Frieda’s...
👉🏼#Dallas volunteers ensured that the less fortunate ones in their community did not go hungry for the holiday season. With their help, 3,175 meals were packaged. That’s 3,270 lbs of food to benefit their community! https://t.co/Pud78C4uaM
As we kick off 2020, we’d like to recap the volunteer efforts in December that blew us away!
👉🏼#Dallas volunteers ensured that the less fortunate ones in their community did not go hungry for the holiday season. With their help, 3,175 meals were packaged. That’s 3,270 lbs of food to benefit their community! https://t.co/iUgSiMlIzW
SRLC recently lost one of its own, Dhaval Mehta, to a tragic car accident. As the Trustee of #SREducationTrust, he touched millions through over 17 years of service. Let us now #DoItForDhaval and keep his spirit alive. Visit https://t.co/DcWe17YkSL to...
This #Halloween, volunteers in #Parsippany creatively spread the values and message of the Mission through an exhibit and handmade goody bags at the local Trunk or Treat event, impacting over 750 kids and their families! https://t.co/sMC2Gus9KU
The love and compassion demonstrated by all of these volunteers embodies this quote from #PujyaGurudevshri: “When you are in love, others’ happiness becomes your responsibility”.
In #Houston, volunteers decided to make this winter less stressful by collecting 50 pairs of men’s winter clothing, packing 152 snack bags, and an additional 152 survival kits! https://t.co/AKIqNQxFTc
Those in #Indianapolis were all smiles as they gathered to prepare and package 130 lunch bags for @BGCINDY, an organization that aims to help youth in need, and an additional 20 lunch bags for the homeless. https://t.co/Wes5fHBCN7
In #LosAngeles, volunteers packaged 100 packages of beans to be sent to @IFhomeless, in the hopes of ensuring the homeless had a nutritious meal. https://t.co/58gYnhGjiD
Across the country, centers came together to deliver kindness in the community on the auspicious birthday of #ShrimadRajchandraji.
On this auspicious month of Shrimad Rajchandraji's 152nd Birth Anniversary, SRLC is launching a fundraising drive to help save more than 40 million turkeys from slaughter. Please help save these turkeys and other animals this Thanksgiving.
Link:- https://t.co/vxFatAUA26 https://t.co/mVbMXgaaFB
Volunteers in #SanDiego encouraged kids to create 50 snack bags to donate to homeless youth through It’s All About the Kids - @itsaboutkids . With a little time and effort, they left their children with a priceless message of compassion...
This October, #Philadelphia volunteers distributed clothes, hygiene kits, shoes, and toys for #ReachForACauseOutreach, which helps victims of human trafficking, at @mannaonmain while #Manhattan volunteers distributed 200 hygiene kits and donated food at an @EvasVillageNJ shelter. https://t.co/hHiYdhDsKN
Take it a step further by registering to be an organ donor yourself at this link: https://t.co/BhX23ghDhz
Just a minute of your time will transform someone else’s entire life.
Help us honor Deyaan and his legacy by celebrating #SaffronDay with us!
Wear orange (Deyaan’s fav color) and post a pic on your social media accounts with the tags #SaffronDay, #doitforDeyaan! Help raise awareness for this wonderful boy and spread...
Today, Oct 22nd, we honor the legacy of Deyaan Udani from Australia, the youngest organ donor in India in 2016! Only 7 years old at the time, Deyaan’s compassionate nature compelled his parents to
choose to donate Deyaan’s organs. With...
Volunteers in the “Windy City” of #Chicago celebrated Pujya Gurudevshri’s birthday by giving back to the needy! Volunteers of all ages were grateful for this opportunity and bonding experience! Their compassion will touch 160 lives with specially prepared lunch bags....
#LongIsland volunteers participated in the 12th Annual Stand Up for the Homeless event, where 900 #HygieneKits and 105 pounds of food was distributed to the needy, 300 hygiene kits were donated to Hands Across Long Island for the homeless, and...
This month, SRLC volunteers in San Diego donated 450+ items of clothing to @shariascloset for children facing financial hardship and volunteers in Philadelphia distributed 144 backpacks filled with school supplies to @SalvationArmyUS, @mannaonmain , and Legacy Treatment Services. https://t.co/Qgt562nHzx
Volunteers from #Queens decided to help those less fortunate by distributing an incredible 400 hygiene kits! In addition, they distributed savory Indian spices and food with @sacssny! Their actions will surely bring relief and joy to those in need. https://t.co/qSlUfbJnX0
SRLC volunteers and students from @IndianaUniv spent time at @mysiscloset over the weekend, cleaning the facility and sorting donations. This incredible organization provides free professional attire and training to at-risk women, as they begin to enter the workforce. https://t.co/GjoE3npcfg

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